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Are you benefitting from Denmark’s Special Tax Scheme (Forskerordning)?
With careful tax planning, you could increase your pension value by more than 40% by the time you retire.

• Nordic Pension advises you in all matters concerning pension plans for expats.
• We work with you to find new wealth management opportunities that offer more freedom.
• We give you the option of building a pension plan that consists of a variety of currency.
• We help you control the taxation rate on your portfolio.
• You get the freedom to decide your payment date.
• Save €100,000 +

Our Client

We advise foreign professionals on the Danish special tax scheme (Forskerordningen).

Located in Denmark, Nordic Pension is a financial consultancy group that works with highly educated and highly paid expatriates throughout Europe. We make retirement planning easier for those who have chosen to take advantages of the opportunities offered overseas and have moved their families to another country to live and work.
Even if you are financially savvy, finding the right products to support your retirement dreams can be time-consuming and a bit complicated. Our job is to make that process easier. Our financial advisors are knowledgeable and offer you the expertise needed to save time and bring peace of mind as you plan your financial future.
We are here to support and guide you to the future of your dreams. We offer you, our client, personal care and advice. Our work for you is based on our knowledge of you as an individual. We believe you deserve guidance that matches your unique goals and aspirations. Each of our advisors spends the time needed so that you feel that you are heard and you see the results that you want.
Nordic Pension is excited about the partnership we will have with you. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Discover your funds

• Offshore pension
• QROPS Advice
• Pension Transfer
• A savings account that can follow you globally
• High protection of your capital, up to 90% of your pension assets
• Freedom of choice of currency can have multiple account
• Access to global investment market, the best fund managers
• Low cost
• The freedom to decide


Mr. Marcus, a German in his 40’s, is one of our clients. Having worked as an executive for the last 18 years, he wants to ensure that he and his spouse are able to maintain their lifestyle when they retire. He contacted Nordic Pension to see how we could help him with his wealth management. One of our advisors met with him to discuss his pension, his plans, and how we could help. After hearing his advisor’s suggestions, Mr. Marcus decided that he wanted us to work with him. Working together, we have carefully restructured his pension and helped readjust his payment plan. He has not had to increase his monthly pension contribution, and it is projected that he will increase the added value of his portfolio by more than 40%.
Here at Nordic Pension, we want to work with you to give you the same opportunities. For more information on how we can help you more effectively manage your pension and tax planning as well as information on how to optimize offshore strategies, contact us today so that you can speak with an experienced Nordic Pension advisor.


We pride ourselves on the courtesy and professionalism of our Nordic Pension financial advisors. Helping you plan your financial future means that our financial advisors take the time to listen to and understand both your short and long-term goals.

Wealth management is something you want tailored to your specific situation. Our financial advisors understand this and work closely with you so that your personal objectives are met. Knowing that your financial goals are as individual as you are, we will talk you through every step of planning your financial future so that you are able to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

Nordic Pension understands that you want clear information and concrete, professional advice. We understand that financial planning is often multi-faceted and it is important that you understand every step that you take. We will guide you and work with you so that you are always aware of what is happening with your financial planning. This is important to us and we pride ourselves on the clarity of guidance we give our clients.

We are dedicated and have the experience necessary to help you identify the best options for you, your family, and your future. Our financial advisors are knowledgeable about the issues that you face as an expat and a future retiree which makes us uniquely qualified to work with you.

Our partnership with you will provide you with the best financial planning we have to offer and will help guide you to the future you have always dreamed of.

Financial planning process


Initial meeting

One of our experienced, qualified advisors will sit down for a face-to-face talk with you. Together, you and your Nordic Pension advisor will analyze your financial needs and goals as you explore the variety of options that we can provide for your future.




In order for us to give you advice that is best suited for your financial needs and goals, Nordic Pension will help you complete a comprehensive questionnaire. This will allow us to better serve you and understand your needs. Nordic Pension will work with you to clarify your financial objectives, assess your current financial status, and evaluate how much risk you are willing to take.



Information Analysis

Your Nordic Pension advisor will analyze the information we receive from you and will structure a wealth growth plan that is in line with your goals and dreams.



Presentation & Recommendations

After your information has been reviewed and analyzed by an experienced Nordic Pension advisor, we will schedule a consultation meeting with you. We will present our findings and observations as we discuss how Nordic Pension will help you maximize your opportunities. You will work with your advisor to find a strategy that will help you meet your wealth management goals.



Strategy Implementation

We will work with and advise you until you are comfortable with our recommendations. After you are positive that you are comfortable with the advice of your advisor, we will start to implement your personalized plan.



Ongoing Support

Nordic Pension is focused on building long-term relationships with our clients. In order to ensure that your expectations are met, we will actively continue to monitor your investments. Your advisor will be available to provide counselling and advice. You and your Nordic Pension advisor will have regular review meeting so that you are an active part of your wealth management.



Our aim is to provide the best advice to expats in Denmark. We specialize in advising on pension and retirement planning for expats.

Seeking the advice of a Nordic Pension financial advisor will ensure that you have the personal care and guidance needed for funding your retirement. We will help you take control of your financial future as we work with you to make a retirement plan that fits your needs.

Our advisors will guide you by looking at what you need to consider as you prepare to retire. Some of the things you will discuss are:

• How much money will I need for retirement?
• What kind of lifestyle do I want after I retire?
• Since people are living longer than before, how much do I need if I live well into my nineties or beyond?
• How will inflation affect my retirement funds after I have stopped working?
• What are the possibilities for planning for future medical expenses?
It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Let us help you get what you deserve. Contact our financial advisors today and we will put you on the path to the retirement you deserve.


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